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Welcome to the new social gambling game:!

BitDouble is a brand new way to gamble with Bitcoin. We are NOT a dice site – instead players deposit Bitcoin and bet those coins on a roulette inspired game, where all players bet on the same results:

The five options that players can bet on are:

Red1-7to DOUBLE your Bitcoin
Black8-14to DOUBLE your Bitcoin
EvenEvento DOUBLE your Bitcoin
OddOddto DOUBLE your Bitcoin
Green        0                   for FOURTEEN times your Bitcoin

It doesn't matter how big your Wallet is, or how much you bet, your odds are always the same.
Bets occur in real time, across the entire site, meaning you bet, win, and lose along with other players.
All rolls are generated using a provably fair system – ensuring a fair roll each and every time.

Screenshot of the game:


  • Provably fair
  • One-click Signup
  • Mobile friendly
  • VIP Levels
  • Autobetting feature
  • Custom Avatars
  • Big chat feature
  • Automatic Deposits/Withdrawals
  • Awesome affiliate system
  • Fast ticket support

Come and checkout our amazing game!

Affiliate program

Your affiliate level determines how much (%) you'll earn from each referral.
Your affiliate level is determined by the amount of volume your players made: Affiliate Level

0-50 BTC Bronze (1per 300 bet)           

50-500 BTC Silver (1 per 200 bet)

500+ BTC Gold (1 per 100 bet)

 You can track your visitor statistics on this page.
Affiliate payments are sent once each day automatically to your account balance.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Ethics on the Road to Superintelligence

The human brain, consisting of roughly 86 billion neurons, rivals the world’s best supercomputers in terms of
magnitude, efficiency, and speed, using as little energy as a small 20-watt light bulb. Human evolution took
tens of thousands of years to adapt noticeable brain size and architecture changes.
Evolution is a slow process that can take eons for changes to occur.  Technology, on the other hand, is
amazing in terms of how fast it is moving along, blending into the world seamlessly. The technological
evolution notably occurs at a faster pace compared to biological evolution.

To further understand the situation, imagine a frog in a pot of water that heats up 1/10th of a degree
Celsius every ten seconds. Even if the frog remained in that water for, say an hour, it would be unable
to feel the minute changes in temperature. However, if the frog is dropped into boiling water, the
change is too sudden and the frog jumps away to avoid fate.  

Let's take a gigantic chessboard and a grain of rice, for scale, and place each grain of rice to a corresponding
chess square following a sequence: for each passing square, we double the amount. Upon applying this,
we get:

1) 1
2) 2
3) 4
4) 8

And so on. You must be thinking, “What difference does doubling a grain of rice for every box make?”
But one must remember that, at some point, the number from which the count started will be totally
indistinguishable to the end result. Still on the 41th square, it contains a mountainous 1 trillion grains
of rice pile.

41) 1,099,511,627,776

What started out as a measly amount, barely feeding a single ant, has become massive enough to feed a city
of 100,000 people for a year.

The development of technology over time

In the year 1959, the global output of transistor production of 60 million was huge. It was deemed a
manufacturing achievement to produce such an amount.   Although looking at the world today, it pales
 because of how far the transistor development has come. A modern i7 Skylake processor contains around

(Skip to 5:15 in the video, to hear the global transistor manufacturing achievement in 1959)

1,750,000,000 transistors. It would take 29 years of 1959’s transistor global production to match one i7
Skylake transistor count.

The transistor manufacturing size in an i7 Skylake processor is 14 nm. For reference, a silicon atom
is about 0.1176 nm across: 14/0.1176=119 Meaning, a transistor in an i7 Skylake processor is only
about 119 atoms across.

Therefore, one can conclude that it takes technology to build technology. In the past, civilization was
limited to the usage of paper and writing. Calculations done by hand tend to be slow and tedious. - Lets think about the future
Artifical Intelligence - The Future - Ethics on AI & more
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Friday, August 12, 2016

ARK IS COMING..........

Open Global Coin Database
ARK is an open database where people can list newly created cryptocoins and where the communioty can easily find themin real time.(manually or via smart contract)
A simple trustless list of new coins.ARK is an open data base built on Ethereum created to store informations and links about new cryptocoins.If you are looking for newly created coins,ARK does the job!
ARK also the first Collaborative Market.The Proof Of Concept for any future Collaborative Market.

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The aim of this procedure is to reach as many different networks as possible, so you can directly avoid Facebook since when you read this text they are (very likely) already taken.

Send your list request at and wait for acceptance, then post and send back the links list along with your WALLET ADDRESS. You earn 1 BOUNTY BOT* (around 10 Euro).

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Help us translate some text in different languages. We look mainly for ENGLISH and CHINESE, but any language is good. Send us an email at and wait for an answer. We send you a text written in English, you must do the needed corrections and translate it in the choosen language. You must be a proven translator. Mother Language. Around 1000 words: you earn 10 BOUNTY BOT* (around 100 Euro). 

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