Earn Money Online by Answering Questions

What makes earning by giving advice possible?
World wide web offers an overwhelming amount of information, but sometimes this is not enough and people keep using various Q&A (Question and Answer) websites or pay the experts for getting quick answers to their questions.
With this idea in mind, brainy webmasters have created some websites, which allow people to get qualified answers from experts, at the same time, such websites allow experts to get paid to answer questions on the Internet.
Such make money online opportunity has a very good potential for both experts and answer seekers. I think you will be more interested in the ability of earning money by answering questions and giving advice, so I will try to concentrate on "answering questions for cash" idea more.
We are all experts to some extent; we have hobbies or college degrees, which lay top-class background for us, people, willing to know how to make money by answering questions from home.
First Steps to Earning Money for Answering Questions?
Where does everything start or where to begin making money by giving advice?
The process of making cash by giving advice on the web is pretty easy, depending on the Q&A website you are willing to partner up with, you will be getting money either on revenue share or pay per answer basis. Both systems have upsides and downsides, the main one for the revenue sharing websites is that your earnings totally depend on the performance of your submissions; in the case of getting money for answering every question - this is only one time fee (revenue sharing could earn you more cash in but in longer periods of time).

No matter what website you pick - totally free revenue sharing project or one, which gives you money for every answer, I am pretty sure that answering questions for cash is a great way to generate some easy money from home, let’s move on to the list of sites paying for giving advice online.

Websites paying to answer questions online
Earn Money with Mahalo.com
Make money giving advice and writing content with Mahalo.com
Mahalo.com - one of the most popular "paid to answer" websites. It has been on the market for a very long time and as for me it was one of the first services to offer such interesting free way of making money from home.

The main earning opportunities on Mahalo.com are earning cash by answering questions, writing content for money (it is a wiki-like website, where you can receive money for publishing content), proofread and improve articles, which are already published and way more.
Make Cash with Quomon.com
Earn money by giving advice on revenue sharing basis
Quomon.com is one of my recent discoveries in the world of online answering jobs. This is a simple Q&A website, which offers money for answering questions. The registration on this website is totally free for both people, who need their questions answered and Internet earners like you and me.

Quomon is a Google adsense revenue sharing system and according to their website, Quomon answer pages generate approximately $1 per 1000 views (which shows a really high earning potential for workers).
Get Paid with ExpertSeoForum.com
Earn money by answering SEO questions
SEO is a topic of a great interest recently, so now we even have websites, which offer money for answering seo related questions. ExpertSeoForum.com is the website I am willing to write about. If you are knowledgeable about search engine optimization and would like to earn money for free by giving your advice, then ExpertSeoForum is the right place for you.

Everything works pretty simple here: as a member you get to review all available questions and supply your answers. If your answer submission gets approved by question starter, you will receive tokens (special currency at Expert Seo Forum dot com).
Receive Free Cash from HelpOwl.com
Way to get free prizes for answering questions
HelpOwl.com has taken the idea of Q&A website to the next level. On this website people receive special points for answering questions and rating questions. Additional points are credited for so called "first accepted" answers and answers marked as "helpful".
Registration at HelpOwl.com is totally free, so you don't have anything to loose. Even though this website doesn't pay money for answering member questions, but still you can promote your site for free here and get an ability to receive free prizes for your daily activity.
Make Money by Answering Questions Feed
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Great posts, which give answers on how to make money by answering questions and other free ways to earn money from home.
How to Earn Money with Answers.Yahoo.com?
Answer questions, promote your content and make money
It is a very well known fact that Answers.Yahoo.com is a free website, where people ask questions and receive answers from real people. It is a cool way to get your answers and actually make money by answering questions.
In order to earn money you need to provide good answers and link your answers to your website, blog or squidoo lenses. Yahoo Answers is a cool traffic source and usually traffic is equal to money. Be specific in your answers and I am pretty sure that you will start getting extra traffic and extra money with Answers.Yahoo.com.
Other Paid to Answer Websites
Additional "paid to answer questions" resources
AceYourCollegeClasses.com - free tool for people willing to earn money providing tutoring online and answering education related questions for money.

LivePerson.com - allows you to get rewarded for assisting people with their problems and answering their questions (provided you are an expert in this niche).

JustAnswer.com - allows to provide professional assistance with the help of Internet. Good ability to build your reputation for get paid good money for providing personal advice services.

AnswerGem.com - pretty old website for people willing to earn some easy money from home. Check out for an additional opportunity to earn money from home.

Weegy.com - pretty cool website for people, who are in a big need to get their questions answered fast. At Weegy.com you can submit your answers and get an additional way to promote your site.

WebAnswers.com - is a google adsense revenue sharing website. Your adsense ads will start displaying as soon your 10th answer is approved. It is a great way to receive money for something you already do, for for free.

ImShopping.com - do you like to use online stores or auctions? Earn money by giving shopping advice at ImShopping.com. This is a cool way to monetize your shopping knowledge - browse questions, leave feedbacks and your experience and receive money whenever your questions is marked as "best answer". Current rates are now at approximately $1-$2 per best answer.

Answers.Yahoo.com is not actually a "paid to answer" website, but you can use it as a great promotion tool, drive traffic to your blogs or landing pages and earn money from ads placed on these sites.

HowWhereWhat.in is the latest site, which pays money for answering questions. It is targeted mostly at Indian users (which could be seen by the domain and the fact that they are paying in Rupees). Check out their website for the whole list of rules and tips for making money and take a look at their point system with the help of which you can make money for free by answering questions.

AnswerBunch.com - register, look through available questions, provide answers and get a chance to make money online on revenue sharing basis. Answer Bunch is a Google adsense revenue sharing site, here you can make 50%-70% of money earned with your answers. It is recommended to promote your questions in order to improve your earnings.

IndiaStudyChannel.com - join this free revenue sharing network, contribute to their community and make good money online. Here you can receive money for asking and answering questions. According to their website, some members are earning hundreds of dollars with this site, so it is a must-see one.